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Riding In College

Combining Equestrian Activities & Education

Equestrians in College
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This is a community for anyone in college (or who graduated or who is looking at colleges) who rides or has ridden (or is interested in learning to ride!) to discuss competition (IHSA, IDA, etc), riding lessons, school issues, missing their horses, training advice, IHSA/IDA results and shows, and anything else of that nature.

When you join please go fill out the New Riding in College Community Poll and tell us about yourself - you can also make an introduction post to the community!

Also if anyone wants their school/discipline/etc added to the interests list please take the poll and let me know!

A few really basic/obvious rules:
~When you post PLEASE use a subject title to describe your post so when other members read through the Archives they can tell what you posted about.
I.E. "Injury- advice needed." "Riding Lesson," "Zone II Region I Horse Show," "IDA Nationals," etc.
~Please use correct grammar/capital letters in your posts. Makes life easier.
~If you're posting more then one picture, please use an LJ cut.
~Respect others' opinions- debate is wonderful, insults are not.
~Don't post tons of quizzes/surveys (or if you do post them as a reply to the first post with that survey/quiz.
~Please try to avoid cross posting - alot of us here read other horse communities to and we don't want to see the same thing 1000 times on our friends page.

See the Memories Page for archived discussions listed by topic.

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