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Sat, Oct. 13th, 2007, 12:35 pm
hookedonhorses: Which College?

First off, hello.  I am Jessica.  I'm 18 and love my 7 year old gelding Chubs.  I live in SE Houston, TX.  I am very outgoing and just crazy... lol.  Glad to be a member of this community.

I'm so confused where to go... Im a senior this year and will have to start applying to Colleges.  But which?  I for sure want to go to a college where I can bring my horse with me.  I ride western and have competed in speed events.  I would prefer a college that isn't entirely english, but majority english is ok.  I would like to also find a place where the horse facilities are on campus.  Off campus is ok, but I am so often in the barn and I like to be close to my baby.  Any ideas?  So far I have Cazenovia College in NY, Northwest College in WY, Sul Ross State Uni in TX, SUNY Cobleskill in NY, and West Texas A&M in TX (though I couldn't find any info on boarding).  Does anyone know of any good places to go?  I want to major in equine studies.

Sat, Dec. 29th, 2007 09:19 pm (UTC)

I am at Oklahoma State University ( main campus) and we have not only a rodeo team but an equestrain team with hunter and western. (no dressage, which is what i ride so I am not on the team).
But i Love it here, I have my own horse boarded about 10 minutes from campus, and its awesome! Plus the vet school is on campus if my horse has anything wrong, or there are like 3 other vet clinic you can use. In addition the ferrier school is here, so some of the best ferriers are here! And if you are from texas and go to OSU you can get instate scholarships. and wont be too terribly away from home. As some one who has gone to a close school then a far away school. Being with in driving distance rocks!