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Sat, Jan. 5th, 2008, 12:09 pm
darkmaya: UFL - Gainesville, FL? Boarding Opportunity

Hi everyone -

Thought I would post here as there seems to be a wide variety of people, huge range of area and knowledge, etc.

I just moved to Gainesville, FL. I have my own barn now, and 12 acres of land. Its about 20 mins from the Univ of Florida. I am looking to board a few horses in the "private barn",relaxed type of setting. We are building a 5 stall barn, I have jumps and we are putting up lights in the arena. We also are building a round pen. Also have a large tack room. Right now I have 1 paddock, 1 3.5 acre pasture, and another 5 acre pasture being fenced. I have 3 horses of my own, and I give beginner-intermediate lessons and I have an advanced riding trainer coming out once per week.

What I am looking for is one very reliable person, who would be willing to swap a couple evenings per week for reduced board, or a little more work for free board. Im also looking for some UFL students or whoever to board here (much cheaper than the board around town) to help me with some of the upkeep :) Im really flexible, Im just looking for some help, some friends/riding partners, and a way to help someone out and myself out at the same time :)

For photos of the place or for more information you can comment here or email me privately. Ive put up a couple ads but nothing really local yet, ie feed store posters or whatever :) Thought I would try here first. My email is darkmaya at gmail dot com. :)

Thanks for reading!